Setpoint Systems exists
to serve its customers! 
Time, technology, the economy, personnel, and needs all change, and Setpoint is continually evolving to better serve its ever-changing customer requirements and expectations. By performing over 7,000 “Lessons-Learned” after every project, service call, parts sale, warranty call, and training class, we constantly learn how to better assist our customers.
For 24/7 service, call 800.372.8837

To help manage the unexpected, Setpoint Systems provides support to all of its clients, regardless of whether they have a Technical Service Agreement. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service provides local technicians and has a fleet of close to 45 vehicles. Interventions are therefore quick and, in general, emergencies are dealt with within two hours of the call. 
Partner with Us

Optimize your building system operation by using the strengths of Setpoint Systems plus the skills of your organization to reduce your energy cost, extend the useful life of your building systems, and utilize your facility staff effectively.

A variety of Technical Service Agreements (TSAs) are offered to leverage any firm’s manpower requirements: assistance in writing programs, updating graphics, creating custom reports/alarms, maintaining as-built drawings and systems back-ups, plus performing system diagnostic and maintenance… or Setpoint Systems can repair, replace, and/or upgrade any system component at a discounted cost to your organization.

All TSA customers receive on-site product and system training, required NFPA inspections, savings on all service calls and material purchases, fast and reliable emergency response via modem and/or onsite, plus regular system consultations on energy conservation techniques/programming and HVAC system optimizations.

Benefits of a TSA

Partner Discounts
TSA customers utilize Setpoint’s partner discounts with common vendors to receive further discounts. Setpoint Systems is the U.S. manufacturer’s representative for FR.Sauter AG for Swiss-manufactured control valves.

We’re here when you need us. Simply call 1.800.372.8837 for assistance to receive emergency support on a 24-hour/7-day basis. 
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