About Us

Since 1983, Setpoint Systems has been designing, installing, commissioning and servicing integrated building control systems. We listen carefully to customer needs and concerns and have adapted our processes, procedures and standards to better serve our customers.

We have been a Delta Controls distributor since 1988. The integrity, reliability, innovation, and track record of Delta Controls differentiates us from the crowd. Their technology is simple, yet powerful enough to integrate multiple systems. This builds relationships, creates open partnerships, and embraces open technologies—allowing freedom of choice. Setpoint Systems is uniquely positioned to offer complete building control integration for a variety of facilities of any size and complexity.

Our services and personnel are experienced to meet ever-changing demands of today’s technology. We support and encourage the ISO/ANSI/ASHRAE-135 standard, also known as BACnet, to provide system flexibility and expansion capabilities for our customers.

A wide range of custom and standard BACnet solutions are offered for the integration of dissimilar manufacturers and applications. These solutions, along with our experience in the engineering and operation of facility mechanical and electrical systems, allow Setpoint Systems to determine the proper system design and application for each installation. This translates to a more efficient building control system that saves you time and money.


The Company’s commitment to quality is made by ALL company employees and is an integral part of our beliefs. The entire Setpoint System team is committed to carrying out our work in accordance with established processes, procedures, and standards. We listen to our clients and also empower them with the knowledge they need to become independent.
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