Improving people's lives through empowerment by providing collaborative solutions and unmatched training

You have unique challenges and goals. At Setpoint Systems Corporation, we are a leader in the design, installation, commissioning, and servicing of smart building control systems. We listen to you and then develop an integrated controls package tailored to your specific needs and concerns. No two customers have exactly the same challenges and goals, so our approach is to create collaborative solutions that are an ideal match for your facility, not simply a modified version of what worked for someone else.

Listening—Collaboration—Empowering—Training are the foundation of our organization. We strive to understand your challenges and goals, and together develop a solution that is right for you. 
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Why we exist:
To improve people's lives through empowerment 
Why we exist:
To improve people's lives through empowerment 
Training is the foundation of our company. We believe in empowering our customers and employees by providing extensive training opportunities.

 Our services and personnel meet the highest industry standards. We actively seek out the most experienced engineers, technicians, and installers to ensure our solutions for your control systems meet your project goals and expectations. We provide extensive, ongoing training to our staff so they remain current with evolving technology.

Customers. Enabling building and facility owners and operators to get the most from their building control system is the most important work we do... and that’s why we provide free training for the life of your system.
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